Sunday, 3 June 2018


Such a title alongside such a picture might raise an eyebrow or two. But it's not how it seems, as if I never meant to stop before hitting that wall. To start with, I didn't hit the wall, I hit another car, and then rolled to a stop at the wall. But more than that, the title actually has nothing to do with the car accident. At least, not in the way you might think.
So, to clarify matters, what I mean is I NEVER MEANT TO STOP BLOGGING. I intend to continue to blog despite the dearth of evidence to that effect of late. But I recognise that the major event that seems to have precipitated the lack of blogs since it happened is the car accident.
Tom and I were on our way to the lovely Thames-side village of Cookham on Thursday evening, April 19th. Going along the A40, the traffic lights at a major junction were out. Nobody was coming, I continued over, and then as if deposited from the future, there was this car, right in front of us. The bang was huge, the airbags deployed, and we rolled off the road up to that wall.
The car is a write-off. Neither Tom nor I was hurt except with minor burns from the airbags and aches from the impact of the airbags and the deceleration. The driver of the other car was also unhurt. Insurance decided to pay it out as a 50/50 no fault. Since then I have taken over driving Mary's car, which she was trying to get rid of anyway, and we will hardly need two cars in retirement next year.
But for some reason, since then, I just stopped blogging.
These things can affect you in ways you hardly know.
But here I am again.

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