Monday, 2 April 2018


Shall church bells greet the dawn, the day,
And daffodils align the way?
The God who came at night, once more,
At daybreak steps through heaven's door.

So long, the night, of evil's reign.
The centuries of Man whose pain, 
Though made by his own fruitless cause, 
Cries out for rest and heaven's pause. 

The gloom of sin, the hidden rooms, 
From darkened womb to musty tombs. 
Nor torch nor flame nor speed of light, 
Illumes the way to heaven's right. 

So comes The Light that He might be, 
Snuffed out for me on calvary. 
Then three days later brights the morn, 
By standing here at heaven's dawn. 

Come, church bells, greet the all-new day,
And daffodils must line the way. 
The Lord who shut the dark, will stand,
And shine our lives to heaven's land.

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