Monday, 7 August 2017

In just over a month, my first-published book comes out. It's called, 'A Christmas Calling' and will be available on Amazon or, preferably for those that know me, direct from me, and signed. You could say it's all about getting festive. Though it isn't. But my hope in writing it is that it will stir those festive fires in adult readers - may even become a favourite to be read every December.

Children get that festive Christmas feeling quite easily. At the first real sign of its coming, something flickers to light inside them. A most glorious sense of anticipation, of rightness, of an unnameable blessing such that the very air, and every encounter, and every mention, increasingly fills them with a bright joy. 
Adults often remember that seasonal glory, but find it much harder to recreate. The story centres on a man desperately searching for the festive fizz, because his life is a lonely, soulless grind, lacking any kindness. And then a woman drops into it, seemingly offering a way out of being Scrooge, and into a bigger, brighter world. Is she an angel, or an invitation to disaster? Their hopes of joy together are doomed if he really is immune to kindness; doomed if her friends won't accept him; doomed because she starts getting him into trouble from the first day they meet. 
And what is that yearning that calls to him from afar and aches as it echoes in the hollow caverns of his heart? 


  1. Looking forward to reading it! Love the cover.

  2. Is it true you have another book coming out about Easter?

    1. Yes it is. It seemed very natural to continue the tale of the two people at the centre of the story of 'A Christmas Calling' into far deeper dangers, yet focussing on the hopefulness of spring and Easter. It should be published about January. The title is (at present - these things can change!) 'A Spring Awakening'.


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