Sunday, 20 August 2017

Well, it's done! My publishers, Instant Apostle #InAp contacted me a week ago to say, 'can we have the completed manuscript for the second book in two weeks, please'. Now, on the one hand, as a writer it's lovely to be able to say those two wonderful words, 'my publishers' after, like many aspiring authors, so many years and so many manuscripts (about 15 in my case - I still have hopes for all of them!) but to find oneself staring down the barrel in quite that fashion is sobering. 
And guess what! I finished it this afternoon! Another 20,000 words or so, hitting its lowest depths and highest heights in bringing it to the intended conclusion, while still working at my 'day job', in a week! I'll try to do a preliminary review this week before sending it in. 
Which is fabulous. 
But this evening, I went out for a walk with my older son, Tom, who still lives with us. It was a bit drizzly, but really nice as we saw sheep, countryside, and the inside of a place of refreshment. And I realised - give me the choice of finishing a manuscript or being able to go out with Tom, and I'd take the time with Tom. Give me the choice of being a fabulously successful author (!) and being able to go out for walks with Tom, and I'll take the latter, any time. 
I'd have to say I'm pleased with, proud of even, my priorities.
Oh yes, I know, having to finish the second manuscript just 3 weeks before the first is published sounds suspiciously like a kind of madness.

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