Thursday, 6 July 2017


They pass by a deathly and gruesome horror every day, and never notice. The pic is of a bun, about 2 feet across, right by where people queue in Greggs, Watford. Look closely. It has the shape of a face. It has two eyes, one closed, the other squashed down. A nose. An ear. A mouth. It looks just like one of those bodies recovered from peat bogs, murdered and hidden there centuries ago, preserved by the peat. It looks long dead and slightly squashed, just like they do. It's exactly right, down to the fine detail, even the jowls and the shape of the side of the nose. The shape of the lips is perfect. It is the squashed head of a dead person. And people stand for a few minutes right next to it, day by day, and notice nothing. 
What are you standing right next to, and never seeing?

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