Saturday, 21 July 2018


Dear all. I realise I probably made a mistake with my second book, 'A Spring Awakening', in that making it a follow on from the first book, 'A Christmas Calling', which had been so Christmassy and festive and in some ways light, it was too much of a change with the same characters in the same series to have a book so deep in dark and difficult things. 
Don't get me wrong! I'm happy with and proud of the second book as it stands, and certainly those who like a more gritty read and engaging with some real, difficult, current issues, enjoyed it - yet even if it haven't been a follow-on but just a second book by me from the same publishers, I think the unexpected change would have been difficult for readers to take. 
This is for me, I guess, part of the learning curve of my growth as an author and I have decided, for the moment at least, not to continue with that series into a 3rd and 4th as I originally intended but to look in other directions for what I should be writing next.
To my faithful and patient readers I say, bear with me, and even make helpful suggestions! 
Thank you!

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