Tuesday, 27 March 2018


Yesterday, out on my bike, I took this pic of a springy scene.

Now, we could leave it at that. Because it's just lovely. Spring has come. But here's something else. Do you see a lovely spring scene of sky, grass, horses and daffodils? Or do you say, 'Oh, pity about the barbed wire, that ruins it'?
Two people sit outside a country pub on a pleasant spring evening. Across the other side of the lightly-trafficked road is a cricket ground. One person looks with great pleasure at the grass, the people walking their dogs, the sky, the nice houses; they feel the gentle breeze, hear the singing birds, sip their drink and find a moment of joyous perfection. The other says, 'Oh I can't stand that road! That traffic! It spoils the whole thing for me.'
The question is, what are you set up to see? Do you always spot the barbed wire and the traffic, or do you see the grass and the sky? 
Are you an appreciator or a criticiser? 

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