Friday, 5 January 2018


Here it is! First sequel to 'A Christmas Calling'. Box opened! Copy held proudly by author! 
What to say about it? For now, just this:
You can't live in Christmas forever. The gritty reality of life forces its way in. Before you can get to the hopeful heights of Easter and spring, you must traverse the dark and dreary wasteland of winter. It is a valley of many shadows, one more famous than the rest. 
And is distant hope real, or merely a mirage that turns to vapour as you grasp for it? 

Sometimes you don’t make it to Easter and spring the first time, and have to start all over again.
David and Angela Sourbook set out upon exactly this journey. As it says near the start - 'Still, a journey that begins so well, how badly can it end?'
That's supposed to make you wonder ...

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