Thursday, 21 December 2017


In the car, I'm listening to Justin Beiber, 'Under the Mistletoe'. Yes! That is just how much I LOVE Christmas! He sings 'Like the wise men follow the star, I must follow my heart.' Which makes me think, 'does that actually mean anything, Beibs? Or is it just a half-'starred' attempt at a still fairly poor rhyme? 
But it's CHRISTMAS! So who cares?
Also, the books came. 9 boxes of  'A Spring Awakening'. But you know, there's a time for everything like the wise man says in Ecclesiastes, so until after Christmas I've just piled them as much out of the way as possible. I haven't even opened one box to take one book out and hold it. I'll keep that to look forward to. You don't know exactly how it will look until you've done that. Or how it will feel. I remember being so impressed with the look and feel of 'A Christmas Calling'. 
But in case you've finished 'A Christmas Calling' and are champing at the bit, here's a teaser: Like the geography of many high points, many mountaintop views, in-between lies a valley. In between Christmas and Easter lies the valley of winter - for many a deep, long, dark valley - even the valley of the shadow of death. Easter is a time of promise, of spring, of future and of intense hope, but to get to it you still have to go from Christmas through winter-vale. That is the journey David and Angela have to undertake. Will they even survive it?

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