Sunday, 26 November 2017

Clear and clean

I just deleted about 5,000 emails. Might include some of yours! But it had to be done. I feel refreshed. Clean. Clean like this winter day (I'm playing with descriptions of the scenes I see as I'm out cycling, mostly):
"It was as if the air itself shone. Like every impurity had been frozen out of it and laid on the ground in the sparkling frost. Even distant trees, houses and fields stood out in stark, cold clarity. The sky above, stretched to the silver horizons, was a shining, blue dome of pale perfection. It was a nice, clear day. That is, an ice-clear day. The only clouds were my breath, suspended for a moment and then dismissed by air so invisible it could not bear them. It could not bear them."

Clear. Clean. Like being forgiven, really.

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