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What happens when we are called to face the past and the darkness within ourselves?

How do we respond to the challenge to change?

An engaging story in an evocative Christmas setting that will make you laugh and cry

A respectful but provocative reworking of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol in modern clothes




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A recent article in The Observer revealed that the friendship between renowned English author Charles Dickens and fellow literary giant Hans Christian Andersen had been killed when Dickens found Andersen to be a ‘bad house guest’. Christmas, a time to celebrate the peace and joy of Christ, is, ironically, often a time of irksome house guests as families come together to celebrate.

Chris Cottee’s A Christmas Calling features a protagonist who, like Scrooge, in Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, has cut himself off from other people to protect himself from his own crippling issues. Like Scrooge he has to face his past through encounters, not with ghosts, but with a mysterious companion whose voice is but one of many he might be influenced by

In the hustle and bustle of modern life we are constantly exposed to all manner of ‘voices’ inviting us, beckoning us to think, act and believe in a certain way.

Yet how many of those ‘voices’ are authentic and calling to us with only our ultimate good in mind? How do we know whom to listen to and, if a voice for our good calls to us, will we recognize it for what it is? Will we respond positively? Do we believe that change in us and in other equally unlikely people is possible?

In A Christmas Calling Chris Cottee captures these questions in a tense drama strongly reminiscent of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol but with a more sensitively worked main character and a differently drawn hope of reclamation. The book heralds all the things we associate with Christmas: fun, snow, excitement, children, lights, parties and celebration meals.

We meet David Sourbook, a callous man. Locked inside his sneering heart, Christmas jollities and festive cheer leave him cold, stone cold. This year though, a chance encounter with a mysterious companion, Angela, could herald a change. But can she be trusted?  Was she a friend or an angel? Angela guides him through the town, immersing him in an alien world he has not known, and, as she seems able to keep on loving him with enormous patience, his frozen heart begins to melt.

They run across violence from a local gang, along with failure, death and sickness, and even trouble with the police, making David question whether this woman is really a bad influence on him. Is Angela human or an angel?  Yet he experiences the redemptive power of simple kindness.

He halts and hesitates. But deep and dark secrets from his past, hidden even from himself, have to be released, with shocking effect. We experience with him a powerful sense of yearning, pulling both from deep within and from inestimably far, felt through the simple medium of watching the dusk from his seat at his cottage, looking across the fields and the distant sky.

There is an intriguing question throughout - who is it that's speaking to David, and how, and why? Is it God or something darker? Will David listen? Will he experience redemption?

About the author

Chris Cottee is a vicar in Watford and previously studied clinical psychology. He has a passion for the outdoors, working with children, and writing poetry and fiction.

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A Christmas Calling ISBN: 781909728707 by Chris Cottee is published by Instant Apostle and available now from Christian bookshops, bookstores and on-line retailers. Fiction. 304pp £8.99

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